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Welcome to Art and Bean

Photography by Tracey MEDCALFE

Get comfortable,

take your time,

grab a coffee,

or a glass of wine.

The notion of perusing art with a warm flavorsome coffee in hand has been with me since I was a student touring Europe! Of course it was a dream since most galleries didn’t let you wander through them with a bottle of water never mind a coffee! Fast forward a few years!!! I’m not prepared to divulge how many!! We have entered the world of online galleries!!! The idea just won’t go away and so here I am embracing it and suggesting that you take a quiet moment, grab your favorite coffee and wander through the virtual Art and Bean gallery!

There is a small selection of images below, but please use our menu or search tool to look for images that are of interest to you!


We have so much to show you and are continually updating the gallery with more artwork to keep you engaged!

Enjoy the journey!  

Thank you for visiting us!

~Tracey Medcalfe

San Francisco | London | Cape Town | Galway

All of the artwork presented here was created with the intention to maximize your enjoyment and transport you from your home or office.


If you would like to create a little of Art and Bean in your own home or office, you can click directly on any of the images to take you to the online shop! We only sell 100 of each picture and sign each one individually, so you know you won't be seeing them around every corner!


Galleries are split into groups and all artwork is available for purchase as prints and wall art to decorate your home or office.  With each image or set of images, we help you visualise how it will look as artwork in your home. Example wall art images are included on the individual art pages as well as a color palette that represents the main distribution of colors through the image.  The palette is included to help you match the artwork to the colors in your own home of office.


We are always extending our collection…please sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of this page if you want to be kept in touch with new works of art.


Also, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for any reason….we love feedback and suggestions! We are open to photography commissions if you would like to create something that is unique to you!!! Or we would love to hang out virtually or physically to chat….over a coffee of course…or a glass of wine :-)

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