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I had an unusual enquiry recently from a wonderful family...asking about my portrait photography.  I have to say it was a first and a pleasure!  

This family of warthogs really knew how to work the camera, The mother certainly knew her best side and the father was an expert at filling the atmosphere with authority and strength.

Warthogs are a common sight in the African Savannah, and they are known for their distinctive appearance. The adults have large, curved tusks and a warty face, while the young are smaller and have shorter tusks.

They use their sharp tusks to dig up roots and tubers.


One fascinating fact about warthogs is that they can run very quickly. They can reach speeds of up to 30 miles per hour, which helps them to escape from predators. Warthogs are also very good swimmers, and they can use their tusks to defend themselves against predators in the water.


These Images capture the beauty and grace of these amazing animals. They also show the importance of family and community to warthogs. These animals are an important part of the African ecosystem, and they deserve our respect and protection.



Location - KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

Print and Product Info

Print sizes start from 16x24 inches. Framed prints, acrylic prints and triptych collections are also available for some pieces of art.


Give your prints the presentation they deserve with remarkable, handcrafted frames. With minimalistic and clean lines, Gallery frames are a classic choice for modern displays. 


Beautifully hand-crafted, real hardwood frames with the timeless quality of a wood finish, Wood frames are a classic choice for modern displays.


Looking for a modern and sleek look... Acrylic Print is your answer. A gloss finish print is face-mounted under crystal clear acrylic creating a wall product which is simply unmissable.

Metal prints also offer a modern and vibrant look and pair well with high contrast and colorful images to make them pop off the wall in your home.


Already have a frame in problem?  All prints printed on Kodak and Fuji professional-grade archival paper for increased color gamut, excellent skin tones, sharpness and brilliant image quality. 

Less is More

Each image is individually chosen, numbered and signed by the artist before printing and shipping.  A maximum of 100 prints are available for each piece of art so you know you’ve got something great that not everyone can get!

Spending is supporting

For each print sold there will be a minimum of $15 donated to help fund environmental initiatives aimed at climate change and the protection of wildlife. Projects change according to needs…Ask us to find out exactly which projects you’ll be donating to in relation to the print purchased.

Ready to buy?

Just click on the shopping cart link below to take a look at the artwork options available for this picture! Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to know more.

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